Foundry plant for ingots

Fomet - B.Z.
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Plant's components:

1.   Electric induction furnace, brand FOMET, year 1998:

 a.   Capacity: 6,5 tons;

 b.   Electrical characteristics:

                        i.   Power: max 360 kW (modulable in 6 stages, from a minimum of 30 kW, up to 360 kW);

                        ii.   550 V, 50 Hz;

 c.   Productivity: 1,5 ton /h;

 d.   Suitable for: brass, copper, bronze.

Complete with PLC control cabin, transformation and straightening cabin, fume hood, protection structure, mechanical mixer, air and water cooling, casting channel and ladle.

2.   Automatic tilting crucible furnace B.Z. (with automatic oil, heavy oil or gas burner):

 a.   Capacity: 2,5 tons;

 b.   Productivity: 1,0 ton/h;

 c.   Modular burner with 2 nozzles;

 d.   Suitable for alloys: brass, bronze, zinc, zamak, lead, aluminium, tin.

Complete with electric control cabin, suction hood, island deck for protection.

3.   12 m automatic moulding machine with air cooled PLC control cabin, complete with ingot moulds.

4.   Automatic APRON conveyor belt for furnace loading, capacity 7-10 tons, with PLC control cabin.

5.   Suction and abatement system with bag filter.

6.   Philips X-ray spectrometer complete with various tools for sample preparation.

7.   Auxiliary systems including mainly:

 a. two compressors and dryer;

 b. 6ton jib crane with automatic ladle for furnace scorification;

 c. 80 kW IVECO AIFO generator set;

 d. Mettler Toledo truck scales (40 ton capacity);

 e. transformer cabin 15 kV - 220/380 V, from 450-500 kW;

 f. spare inductor;

 g. plant for sintering the electric furnace;

 h. core for electric furnace remake;

 i. casting ladle;

 j. automatic spare mixers;

 k. spare ingot moulds with models;

 l. mechanical workshop equipment (cutter, grinding wheel, lathe...);

 m. mezzanines and processing control cabin.


1.   Production of the same alloy with parallel furnaces, with common use of the ingotting machine;

2.   Production with inductive furnace and crucible furnace used as waiting furnace for the same alloy;

3.   Production of two different alloys in the two furnaces.

Other notes:

- Continuous operation on three shifts with 1 shift supervisor and 2 operators for each shift;

- operational continuity with one furnace in case the other one is under maintenance;

- willingness of the responsible operators to provide detailed indications and to assist in the start-up of the plant in the new future installation.

Video of the various components available:



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